written by lauren d. h. miertschin

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Can It Be Any More Difficult? (Damn It!)

So, I love fiction.  But life takes over.  Over and over and over again.

I used to read four plus novels a month.  Now, I read a novel when I assign one to a student (by the way, the last was "A Day No Pigs Will Die" -- and I cried twice, BEAUTIFUL, SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL.)  Anyway, I read fiction when I can (which is so, so rare), but I have only been paid for writing  non-fiction.  I have NEVER received a cent for fiction.  And so I weep  . . .

Not really.  Not at the moment anyway. (But soon I'm sure I may).

Answer me this, the anonymous reader out there -- keep on writing eventhough there no chance a single soul will ever read it?  Or write for the cash?  I am in so much need of  cash right now!  A dozen plus non-fiction articles paid for doesn't pay much.  But at least it's pay.  What's a gal to do????? 

Weep herself to sleep.  That's what a gal's to do.


  1. I have read and enjoyed, two of your stories here. I would say that you have talent. Winning competitions is not everything. There are on-line magazines that accept stories from new writers too. Some pay a notional sum. An alternative is to publish your own anthology. But do try and get published first.
    But you must check on simple things you are missing out. It would not cost much to have a good fiction editor/writer read one short story. He would give you tips that could transform your writing. I could do it myself (for nothing) but I know of others who can do it better. Editing is essential if you want to have your work looked at, never mind accepted.
    I may have achieved excellent grades for my BA assignments but fiction is different and I had much to learn.
    Don't give up. I know I have been struggling for years to get my novels published by a known publisher, but I also know that I write novels that are offbeat or do not meet modern trends. Even so, I have my few 'fans' and I find that amazing! Top publishers are only interested in mass marketing.
    By the way, it is most refreshing to come to a site that is so clear and easy to read. (I have sight problems so it is much appreciated.)

  2. What a pleasant surprise to get your comment! Thank you so much for your nice words. I did recently learn about publishers and agents and how they only want pretty much something just like the last novel that made money. I was a disheartened by that.

    I hope to return to my fiction writing soon. It was my first love. Seems like the only writing I do nowadays are short cheap "how to" articles and my running blog. It's transition time in my life right now (deciding on a graduate program, possibly new career). So, I'm finding it difficult to dedicate time to my first love, but your comments sure motivated me to post something soon.

    Thanks for the advice! I will take it to heart.